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Designed for movement

The Coxa backpacks & waistbelts with their unique ergonomic carrying system optimize the weight distribution and totally relieve the upper body from pressure. A perfect product suitable for demanding workouts within sports as cycling, hiking, running or skiing.

R stands for Racing (R2 and R5) and includes a hydration bladder of 2 litres.

M stands for Motion (M10 and M18).


The Coxa Story

The idea to create a backpack that neither limits nor, creates any deteriorating damage was born in 1968 when Claes Bergkvist, who at the time was a young scout on hike, suffered severe chafing with tired shoulders, due to his ill-fitting backpack. The solution to the challenge at hand finally appeared during a mountain hike in Italy in 2008.

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Adjust your backpack

The initial setup of the backpack is super important. Learn how you can adjust your backpack in a few easy steps and feel the freedom and zero weight on your shoulders.

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We care

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about our products, returns, orders or if you just would like to give us feedback. We need your input to improve our products and deliver something of true value.

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