• Pack volume – 1.0-1.5 L / 60-90 cu in
    • 2 outer pockets for gel and bars and net pockets
    • USB charged LED lamp for better visibility
    • Internal pockets for phones, cards and keys
    • Velcro closing for better comfort
    • Stretch material with anti-glide fabric for perfect fit
    • Water resistant
    • Do not fill up with boiling water in the bladder, max 50 degrees
    • The bladder volume is 1,5 litres but we recommend filling up to 1,2 litres
    • Unisex
    • BPA / BPS / BPF free: yes

    Colors and sizes

    • S-M waist size = 65 - 95 cm
    • L-XL waist size = 95 - 115 cm
    The waistbelt is available in 4 different colors and 2 different sizes. Choose your desired setup below.

    Your perfect companion

    The Coxa WR1 waistbag was developed with and tested by top class athletes during tough races and hardcore training sessions. It has a unique fit  and allows maximum mobility due to its stretch material. The Coxa WR1 has the same breathable 3D mesh as our other backpacks which provides a padding between back and waist belt for maximum comfort. The material is rugged and durable, ideal for your next competition or outdoor training session. This Waistbag comes with several pockets, both external for quick access and internal for phones, cards and keys. It's designed to be your faithful compagnion while running, skiing, hiking and biking.

    Insultated Tube Cover

    But that's not all, the waistbelt comes with an Insulated Tube Cover in black. It keeps your water flowing freely, even in the coldest conditions and protects your liquids from getting warm when it's sunny. Bottomline, it keeps your tube ice-free and your liquids ice-fresh.  
  • Anti Freeze Case

    $ 34.90$ 39.90
    Coxa Carry launches a world unique product to keep the tube nozzle free from freezing. Tested in hard conditions during Vasaloppet 2019. Developed together with pro skiers.
    • Attach to your clothes with super magnets or velcro
    • Store the nozzle in a safe and clean place
    • Perfect for the MTB rider to keep the tube in place and free from dirt
    • Hosecover is included in the kit
  • Keep your water flowing freely, even in the coldest conditions. Coxa's new tube covers take insulation to the next level and keep your tube ice-free or ice-fresh.
    • Insulates the tube and keeps you hydrated even in the coldest conditions
    • Protects your tube from getting damaged
    • Conceals the liquid under sunny conditions, keeps your liquid cool and you refreshed
    • Fully washable
  • Coxa R2

    $ 119.90
    • Pack volume   -    2.5 L / 150 cu in
    • Weight   -  660 g / 1.5 lbs
    • Pack weight  -  3 kg / 6.6 lbs
    • Hydration capacity   -    1–2 L / 34–68 fl oz
    • High visibility   -    3M™ reflective ­material + LED light
    • Material back side   -    Breathable 3D Mesh (nylon)
    • External pockets   -    1

    Including Hydration System!

  • Keep your cellphone up and running even in the harshest conditions with our mobile thermo case. It protects your cellphone from dust, dirt and hummidity and the special thermo technology protects the battery from dying in the cold.
    • Suitable for normal and PLUS size phones
    • Weight: 28 grams
    • Size: 189mm x 100mm
    • Shell fabric: 210D nylon/PU
    • Padding: 5mm open cell foam
    • String: 4mm polyester
    • Lining: polyester tricot
    • Includes a carabiner hook in aluminium
  • A complete cleaning kit for your hydration system.
  • Coxa R5

    $ 139.90
    • Pack volume   –  5.5 L / 330 cu in
    • Weight   –  660 g / 1.5 lbs
    • Pack weight  – 4 kg / 8.8 lbs
    • Hydration capacity   –  1.5–3 L / 50–100 fl oz
    • High visibility   –    3M™ reflective ­material + LED light
    • Material back side   –    Breathable 3D Mesh (nylon)
    • External pockets   –    2
    • Internal pockets   –    1

    Including Hydration System and Rain Cover!

  • Convenient pocket that can be attached to front of your Coxa backpack.
  • Soft Flask

    $ 13.90$ 17.90
    The softflasks from Coxa Carry are there to provide you with the capability to carry water on the go in a lightweight package. Constructed with a soft pliable TPU body the flask conforms to any shape, allowing for ease of storage. A silicone bite valve ensures no leaks whilst providing on the go hydration.
    • 150 - 500 ml capacity
    • Compactable design for easy storage and preventing water from sloshing
    • Soft and flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) body
    • Screw top opening for cleaning and quick filling
    • Soft silicone bite valve with high flow rate for on-the-go hydration
    • BPA free
    • PVC free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Can be stored in the freezer
  • Coxa M18

    $ 199.90
    • Pack volume   –  18 L
    • Weight   –  1150 g
    • Pack weight  – 10 kg / 22 lbs
    • Hydration capacity   –  1–3 L / 50–100 fl oz
    • High visibility   –    3M™ reflective ­material + LED light
    • Material back side   –    Breathable 3D Mesh (nylon)
    • External pockets   –    4
    • Internal pockets   –    4

    Including Rain Cover!

  • Tubes and valves for your Coxa hydration system.
  • The removable mesh pocket for the Coxa M18 is perfect when you need some extra space for things like a ski helmet or extra clothes. You easily attach the pocket through the snap-links that comes with your pocket.